Customized Quartz And Sapphire Glass

Customized Quartz And Sapphire Glass

Quartz glass also known as Fused Silica or Fused Quartz is one of the material that has been used in process reactors thanks to it’s high thermal and chemical properties.

Many research and production chambers contains glasses such as quartz, Soda lime and Borosilicate depending on process complexity and process environments.

Thin fim and bulk crystal growth chambers and wet chemical treatment processes are tha main applications fır such glass materials.

We provide machined and molded glass parts and apparatus for your research and production tools and experimental setups.

Processed Materials
High Purity Quartz

High purity quartz is a material with unique optical, mechanical and thermal properties. Quartz has properties such as being incredibly resistant to thermal shock, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulation. It has a wide variety of usage areas. It is also widely preferred in the semiconductor industry.
 Properties and Advantage
·         Light Transmittance
·         Plasma and Heat Resistance
·         Low Dielectric Loss
·         Electrical Insulation
·         High Scratch-Resistance
·         Thermal Stability and High Thermal Conductivity
·         High Strength and Chemical Resistance

·         Quartz boats
·         Quartz tubes
·         Quartz capillary
·         Quartz plates/discs
·         Quartz rods
·         Quartz frits
·         Quartz filtration
·         Quartz lab glassware
·         Custom and machined fused quartz
·         Optical quartz glass
·         Semiconductor
·         Photovoltaic cells
·         Quartz lighting
·         Chemical
·         Metallurgical
·         Electrical
·         Scientific research
·         Medicine
·         Optical

Sapphire Glass

Sapphire is the purest single crystal form of Al2O3. The combination of favourable chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical, surface, thermal, and durability properties make sapphire a preferred material for high performance system and component designs.

When Sapphire lenses can be combined with custom optical coatings, it can be widely used in multiple band ranges from ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared and even medium infrared.

Synthetic sapphire crystal has excellent mechanical properties, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Synthetic sapphire has high hardness, high toughness and strength, as well as excellent friction resistance thanks to good polishing. In this way, it can be used as a bearing.
·         Sapphire Optical Windows
·         Sapphire Optical Mirrors
·         Sapphire Lenses
·         Precision Sapphire Rods
·         Sapphire Piston
·         Sapphire Light Guides
·         Sapphire Balls
·         Sapphire Half Balls / Sapphire Hemispheres, Sapphire Drum Lenses
·         Sapphire / Ruby Bearings, Through-hole, End-face, Groove
·         Sapphire Prisms, Right Angle, Penta, Corner Cube, Customized
·         Sapphire Viewports, Sapphire Viewport Glass
·         Aerospace
·         Medical
·         Endoscope windows
·         Optical applications
·         Optical communication
·         Illumination windows
·         Watch industry
·         Metallic Thin Film
·         Dielectric Thin Film

·         Piston/piston rod in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems
·         Cosmetic lasers such as hair removal, vascular and acne treatment
·         Large LED displays, high-end LED lighting
·         Through-hole bearings, end-face bearings and groove bearings

Typical Applications
  • Kyropulos and Czochralski Pullers
  • MOCVD – Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition – Reactor Furnatures
  • PECVD Reactor Furnatures
  • Wafer Carriers
  • Wet Etching Containers
  • Optics
  • Medical
  • High Temperature Tube Furnaces and Box Furnaces
  • Chemical Containers
  • Chemical Process Tanks
  • Gas And Liquid Inlets and Transfer pipes

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