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We provice design and production services on high quality customized spare parts for yor scientific R&D and Manufacturing instruments in the field of Semiconductor, Vacuum Sciences, Nanotechnolgy and Life Sciences made of high performance materials such like high purity metals, engineering ceramics, Speciality Graphites, Engineering Plastics and Machined Glass Materials. We are happy to serve you with more than 25 production houses that are experts in their field. Contact us to meet your prototype or mass production needs.

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  • Semiconductor Process Equipments
  • Vacuum Equipments and Instruments
  • Nanotechnology Research And Development
  • Life Science Instruments

Today, with the increasing demand in many sectors, the development and production of components in the fields of semiconductor devices, thin films and medical sensors continues at full speed. It is getting harder day by day to keep these production systems alive and to supply fast. The fact that manufacturers experience supply chain problems and long supply times negatively affect these production processes. At this point, Semicrystal offers its customers fast, reliable and high quality customized products and services with its production infrastructure of more than 25 specialist suppliers.

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Semiconductor, Vacuum, Nanotechnology, Life Sciences

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