Component And Assembly Design

Component And Assembly Design

We provide a design service of several critical components for your research and production instruments. With the selection of wide range of materials, our customers can take the advantage of fast and reliable prototyping parts for the instruments that is been used in the research labs and production environments.

We take in to account different analytical models in order to comply with desing requirements.

The selected material properties are very important in the field of use. High vacuum and low temperature environments, as well as high temperature and corrosive gas environments, can cause irreparable damage to parts and significantly shorten their lifespan. This increases equipment maintenance costs and can lead to production speen as well as quality throughput issues. For these reasons, the selection of materials suitable for the process, their thermodynamic simulations and pre-use tests can significantly reduce the costs that may arise. Please contact us for the designs you need for production and research. Our expert team will be happy to assist you.

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